Fat away by cold!

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The cold attack on your problem areas!

The days when Hollywood stars ordered whiskey on ice are over. 
Today it says: "Please body on the rocks!" 
Cryolipolysis is the new beauty trend with which annoying fat can simply freeze away. 
Los Angeles freezes! 
The culprit is a German physician from Tecklenburg in North Rhine-Westphalia 
Dr. Jonas Kuehne shelves celebrities at his Cryohealthcare clinic in West Hollywood. 
Daniel "James Bond" Craig, for example, swears by a special cryo application that reduces muscle soreness after strenuous physical training. 
And Demi Moore was seen giving a visit to Doctor Kuehne shortly before her fiftieth birthday.
The offers, inter alia, a method that simply "freezes" wrinkles. 
From now on we offer you in LAVIDA this sensational BODYFORMING method at an unbeatable price!

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